2012-03-15 · Reflections on Populism Jan-Werner Müller. 1. The only meaning I can see in the word “people” is “mixture”; if you substitute for the word “people” the words “number” and “mixture”, you will gets some very odd terms…”the sovereign mixture”, “the will of the mixture”, etc. Paul Valéry


In What is Populism?, Jan-Werner Müller provides a timely perspective on the pressing question of what populism is and how to respond to it. Defining populism as anti-pluralist, elite-critical politics with a moral claim to representation, he cautions that populists are both willing and able to govern and may therefore deform democracy by turning states towards partisanship.

Jan Werner Mueller är en internationellt ledande forskare om demokrati och populism, för närvarande professor vid Princeton University, USA. Hans bok ”Vad är populism” har nyligen utkommit på svenska (Daidalos). Jan Werner Muellers anförande kommenteras av Sverker Gustavsson, professor em, Uppsala Universitet. Mötesledare: Carl Tham. “The People Must Be Extracted from Within the People”: Reflections on Populism † Jan‐Werner Müller. Search for more papers by this author.

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Can this term, so often used in the media, be considered a scientific concept? As the political scientist Federico Tarragoni notes, the study of populism—which he calls “populology”—is, in Europe and North America, limited today Far-right populism is bad enough. Jan-Werner Müller; 16 October 2020. There are various reasons why it is politically expedient to call Trump a fascist, but doing so clouds our judgement about the kind of authoritarianism he represents. “The People Must Be Extracted from Within the People”: Reflections on Populism † I denna högaktuella essä skisserar Jan-Werner Müller en teori om populismen som en otvivelaktigt antidemokratisk företeelse. Populisternas slagord är: "Vi är folket!" Vad de menar är: "Vi - och bara vi - representerar folket".

Journalisten Bengt Lindroth och  Jonas Sjöstedt är inte rädd för begreppet populism. I sin bok Vad är populism?

There is no populism outside of the realm of representative systems. As Jan-Werner Müller (2016a, loc. 98) puts it, “the danger comes from within the democratic world.” Populism is an “internal periphery of democratic politics;” populism as politics is performed on the “edge of liberalism” (Arditi 2005, 2006).

2013-04-17 Jan-Werner Muller is Professor of Politics at Princeton University. He is author of several books, most recently Contesting Democracy: Political Ideas in Twentieth Century Europe. He contributes regularly to London Review of Books, the Guardian, and the New York Review of Books.

Jan werner muller populism

Helsinki: Edita Publish- ing Oy. Europeiska rådet: The Dangers of Populism - Interview with Jan-Werner. Müller (2.3.2017): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 

In this essential book, Müller defines populism's most salient characteristics—antielitism, antipluralism, exclusivity—and explains Trump and other populists through that framework. Jan-Werner Müller is German and teaches politics at Princeton. Muller discusses populism and many of the leaders who have been described as populist in recent years. The list includes Trump, Erdogan, Wilders, Orban, Le Pen, Farage, and Chavez. 5Throughout his book, Jan-Werner Müller defines and analyses populism from the internal logic that, according to him, structures it. He thus makes the choice to set aside the political content of different movements that he studies.

Jan werner muller populism

: en essä av Jan-Werner Müller tillgänglig i laverndollee.masfal.cl med PdF, ePub, Audiobook & Magazine format.
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Anmälan av Sara Kalm. Bettina Stangneth: Eichmann before Jerusalem.

Men vad är egentligen populism? Hur ska populism definier Cas Mudde, Populist radicalright parties in Europe (Cambridge, 2007).
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Etiketten populism klistras på allt som inte ryms inom rådande politiska eller Jan-Werner Müller redovisar vilka partier eller rörelser som ringas in och vilka 

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Popper,  Müller, Jan-Werner. Antalst. Artikelnummer.

How Can Populism Be Defeated? -A Seminar in the President's Seminar series, part of the “Rethinking Open Society” project- February 2, 2017 Remarks by Jan-We

Does populism bring government closer to the people or is it a threat to democracy? Who are "the people" anyway and who can speak in their name? These questions have never been more pressing.

Hör Princeton-professorn Jan-Werner Müller som skrivit boken "What is populism" om populismens väsen i reportage. Journalisten Bengt Lindroth och  Jonas Sjöstedt är inte rädd för begreppet populism. I sin bok Vad är populism? skriver Jan-Werner Müller: ”Det jag skulle vilja kalla alla  POPULISM Jan-Werner Müller: What Is Populism, 2016 1. Bara vi representerar folket 2. “Eliten” är ett problem 3.