av PR Stettenheim · 2000 · Citerat av 291 — and a complex set of smooth muscles that move the feathers and exert tension on the skin (Lucas and Stettenheim, 1972). In places, the underlying subcutis 


Association of Anatomy". International Journal of Morphology. "Substrate elasticity regulates skeletal muscle stem cell self-renewal in culture". Science.

European Journal of Oral Sciences  Exercise capacity and muscle strength and risk of vascular disease and Muscle Morphology And Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease2010Ingår i: Journal of  Elmqvist, Lars-Gunnar, 1944- (författare); Chronic anterior cruciate ligament tear : knee function and knee extensor muscle size, morphology and function before  A morphological study of delayed muscle soreness. Experientia l981; 37:506–507. 8. Fridén J, Seger J, Sjöström M, Ekblom B. Adaptive response in.

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More than 500 diseases concern muscle tissue, the majority of which originate in muscle, others secondarily affect the muscle, foremost by denervation. Furthermore, performance variation within this species in all three types of maneuvers (translations, rotations, and turns) could be explained by individual differences in muscle capacity. By Interpretation: Given the importance of muscle morphology and structure for generating muscle force, it is likely that the observed alterations that occur secondary to the neural lesion in individuals with spastic CP contribute to muscle weakness and the attendant loss of motor function in spastic CP. Muscle morphology was characterized using tissue obtained from a percutaneous muscle biopsy of the vastus lateralis carried out with a Weil–Blakesley conchotome with the participant fasted. Participants were aged 68–76 years at the time of the muscle biopsy. Aim. To investigate the use of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methodologies to assess muscle morphology and architecture in children with cerebral palsy (CP).

In this podcast Sîan Williams discusses her paper 'Measuring skeletal muscle morphology and architecture with imaging modalities in children with cerebral  av J Petzäll · 1993 · Citerat av 19 — Muscle function in old age with special reference to muscle morphology, effect of training and capacity in activities of daily living.


Muscle Morphology. A variety of benefits related to gross muscle morphology have been demonstrated in numerous investigations employing multi-week progressive exercise programs of FES-assisted cycling in which lower limb muscles (i.e., typically quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles) are stimulated to produce cycling movements against resistance (Sloan et al.

Muscle morphology

We developed a systematic methodology to identify and quantify thoracic spinal muscle morphology and assessed the repeatability of its measurements. The segmentation guidelines developed here were based on the available literature, 37-41 discussions with experts in the field of human anatomy and radiology, and experiential observation.

The segmentation guidelines developed here were based on the available literature, 37-41 discussions with experts in the field of human anatomy and radiology, and experiential observation.

Muscle morphology

Qualitative comparisons revealed discontinuity of the levator muscle through the velar midline and  for chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia, were studied with respect to skeletal muscle morphology. A significant difference between the mean fiber diameters  Aug 6, 2010 Radially oriented submonolayer surfaces of 10−15 nm diameter cellulose nanowhiskers (CNWs) were prepared by spin-coating. Background The lumbar paraspinal muscles are critical to provide spine Paraspinal muscle morphology, composition and asymmetries: determinants and   Various morphological characteristics of the shell (mass, aspect ratio, and volume between the valves) and the adductor muscle (size, position, and attachment to  Broadhurst NA, Simmons DN, Bond MJ. Piriformis syndrome: correlation of muscle morphology with symptoms and signs.
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Abnormal palatopharyngeal muscle morphology in sleep-disordered breathing. / Lindman, Rolf; Stal, PS. In: Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Vol. 195, No. 1, 2002 2015-12-18 · Background Sarcopenia is defined as the loss of muscle mass and function with age and is associated with decline in mobility, frailty, falls and mortality.

muscle morphology throughout sustained static knee extension at two submaximal. Research area: Aging, inflammation, metabolism, nutrition and physical activity Other interests: hypoxia, muscle remodeling, muscle function, muscle diseases.
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The univariate analysis between trunk muscle morphology and functional outcome measures (Table 2) revealed that a larger Rectus Abdominis (RA) cross sectional area (CSA) was associated with better

With the exception of two men treated for congestive heart failure and four treated for hypertension, all were apparently clinically healthy and none had functional locomotor 2019-06-15 · Negative Effects of Long-duration Spaceflight on Paraspinal Muscle Morphology. Burkhart K(1)(2), Allaire B(2), Bouxsein ML(1)(2)(3). Author information: (1)Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Abstract.

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AU - Boeno, Francesco Pinto. AU - Aagaard, Per The longitudinal muscle layer is further followed by a very thin strip of circular muscle fibers. The musculature of the body wall consists of smooth muscle fibers. Outer circular muscles consist of numerous scattered granules of porphyrin pigment. Two additional muscles are also found at the base of each setal sac. Morphology continues to be of importance in taxonomy because morphological features characteristic of a particular species are used to identify it. As biologists have begun to devote more attention to ecology , the identification of plant and animal species present in an area and perhaps changing in numbers in response to environmental changes has become increasingly significant.

Affiliation 1 Faculty of Sports Sciences, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Avda. Carlos III s/n. 45071, Toledo, Spain Start studying Muscle Morphology. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.